We offer a wide variety of experienced professional individuals.

  • Worker's Compensation: Surveillance, Activities Checks.
  • Activities Checks: Obtain Background Information and Verify Address, Marital status, etc.
  • Personal Injury: Surveillance, Background & Activities Checks.
  • Process Server: Serving all Legal Documents.
  • Assets & Financial: Locate Assets, Banking & other Investment Information.
  • Background: Discreetly obtain specific Information on individuals.
  • Domestic/Child Custody: Surveillance, Photographs, Records Searches.
  • Pre-Employment Checks: Designed to give your company peace of mind.
  • Skip Traces/Locates: Specialize in the Science and Art of Skip Tracing for finding lost loved ones.
  • Cheating Spouces: 24 hours Surveillance, checks if needed, wife and child abuse surveillance.
  • Undercover Investigations: Place Detective in your Place of Business to Determine who is stealing and how merchandise is being stolen.


For any of these services call 207-807-6991 or send us a message from our contact page.